Blair Witch (2016), Dir. Adam Wingard

Blair Witch (2016), Dir. Adam Wingard
Heather? Is that you?
— James Donahue, Blair Witch (2016)

Stars: James Allen McCune, Callie Hernandez, Brandon Scott, Corbin Reid, Wes Robinson, Valorie Curry.
Director: Adam Wingard
Screenplay: Simon Barrett

Are you looking for a great pointless scare this movie season, then look no further. Blair Witch (2016) though lacks a logical script what it has is incredible sound mixing and pace; the sound doesn't make sense but boy does it make you jump.

All we know is that someone had recently found the footage of the original and placed it online, the brother (James played by James Allen McCune) of the ill-fated Heather sees the footage and gathers that Heather could still be out in the woods... His friend Lisa (Callie Hernandez) follows along as she is making a documentary for a film project while his buddy, Peter (Brandon Scott) and his girlfriend Ashley (Corbin Reid) tag along. They meet up with the footage posters (Wes Robinson & Valorie Curry) and set out to find the house that Heather was last seen.

To be fair, while watching I didn't notice the poor rationale that this group of young people have in retreading the original "found footage" movie. The reason is because the convention of handheld cameras allows invites you into its reality; they are out trekking in the woods—that look nothing like the original woods (found out that this is because they intentionally filmed in another area to not gain suspicion that they were making another Blair Witch movie)—with their many, many cameras that in hindsight is just outrageous. 

What works here is the build up, it is very good; the tension that builds quite quickly after the slow start. These trampers go from being fine to so not being fine; sleeping in far too long, the GPS completely malfunctioning, and the total fuckery of time. This is just uncomfortable, this is relatable in a very chilling way. These are the concepts that we rely on to keep sane, that the sun comes up before 7am, the GPS will help you out of the woods.

Also what works are the scares, they are scary. It expands on the original concept and raises it to the extreme. I was at first fine, the loud sounds sure are a bit unsettling but when things actually start happening I was not okay and very happy when the lights came up in the theatre.

But what fails this film is its lack of character logic; it makes no sense that James could possibly believe that his sister is still in the woods. There are many different ways to get kids out into deep shit that are far more plausible. But this was great fun.