Warcraft (2016), Dir. Duncan Jones

Warcraft (2016), Dir. Duncan Jones
Our world is dying. There is nothing to go back to. If our people are to survive, we must make a home here.
— Durotan, Warcraft (2016)

Stars: Toby Kebbel, Paula Patton, Travis Fimmel, Ben Foster, Robert Kazinsky, Dominic Cooper, Ben Schnetzer, Daniel Wu, Clancy Brown, Ruth Nega, Anna Galvin.
Directors: Duncan Jones
Screenplay: Charles Levitt, & Duncan Jones.

I probably shouldn't have seen this movie while tired, a bit bored, in 3D, or by myself in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. This situation did not give this movie a fighting chance to gain my approval. 

The world building felt a little heavy handed while in fact its premise and world is very simple. They tried to add depth to simple relationships that didn't hold much weight. A father blaming his son for his wife's death while giving birth, when in no instance do you see his guilt of that blame other than him explaining it. How they came to trust and befriend someone who never really showed any true allegiance, then be shocked at a supposed betrayal. 

There were many times I wanted to take out my phone and play solitaire, however there were parts I was quite interested in. The Mage aspect to this film is very interesting. The spell casting was intriguing and something you don't normally get to see on screen. The dynamic of the guardians within the framework of the world was cool, how for so long they have depended on one Mage to protect their kingdom from most enemies (this has not been a problem as their world has been at peace for so long). And finally how the need for power can literally destroy an entire world. The 'Fell' is a dark magic that takes the life force of the living to give power to the dead or to make a living being more powerful.

I liked that even if it the Orc's fate was brought on by one leader's greed for power, how moving from their dead world to find literally greener pastures is something you can immediately connect with. The hope of a better future for your people even if it is yourself that is actually bringing along their death through the gate.

Not the best film, was barely able to keep my attention but when it did, it was fun.