Eyes Wide Shut (1999), Dir. Stanley Kubrick

Eyes Wide Shut (1999), Dir. Stanley Kubrick
No dream is ever just a dream.
— Bill Harford, Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Stars: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Sydney Pollack, Todd Field, Sky du Mont, Julienne Davis.
Directors: Stanley Kubrick
Screenplay: Stanley Kubrick & Frederic Raphael.

No dream is ever just a dream, but this film does feel like one. There are some films that allow you to seep and escape into the world they have created. Through the mood, pace, lighting, composition , and a little bit of something extra. Eyes Wide Shut has all the something extra in spades, a film that makes you feel like you are still in its dream world even once you have escaped it.

The allure is sensual, through the soft focus on desire, curiosity, and sexual envy. Dr. Bill & Alice Harford (Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman) have been married for some time and they seem happy. Bill is a successful doctor, Alice is looking for work after her art gallery had to close and they have a beautiful young daughter all the while living in a luxurious apartment in New York City. One night they are invited to a Christmas party by one of Bill's patients. All goes well, they have fun but this night out slightly unravels their simple life. It is nothing major but enough to open a dialogue of envy, and fear of their spouse's ability to leave or cheat in their marriage.

The film moves in an intriguing pace, ever steady but always intriguing. You don't know where it is heading but you are so allured you want these characters to taste that forbidden fruit that is hanging just over their heads. But instead of the fruit tempting its prey to take a bite, this film places Bill in a sea of desire only for the water to recoil every time he goes to take a sip. At every turn something gets in the way of Bill indulging in what he so craves. This makes the film so appealing as you want, you need for Bill to take that sip. Which is why the need to rewatch is so appealing, this time you hope he gets to take a sip and eat that apple too.