War Dogs (2016), Dir. Todd Phillips

War Dogs (2016), Dir. Todd Phillips
This isn’t about being pro-war. This is about being pro-money.
— Efraim, War Dogs (2016)

Stars: Miles Teller, Jonah Hill, Ana de Armas, Bradley Cooper, Shaun Toub, Patrick St. Esprit, Alin Georgiou Popa.
Director: Todd Phillips
Screenplay: Luke Davies

War Dogs (2016) is irritating to its core yet I was highly entertained. Jonah Hill (playing Efraim Diveroli) has brought a new talent to the screen; that being I want to slap him so badly because he can play scum so well. Everything about Efraim makes me livid from his greed to his disrespect. He embodies everything I hate about privileged people who will stop at nothing to get the best deal for him and only him. So I am saying that Hill once again hits his role out of the park, he is that talent that can never really do wrong and I know for sure I am going to want to slap him in the future because of it.

Miles Teller (playing David Packouz) is once again so good in the lead. Though he has had a few missteps in his career—namely that young adult post apocalyptic franchise which is now destined for the small screen— but when he choses the right role he freaking nails it.

I just love the chemistry between these two, however it almost works too smoothly as it is hard to put the two versions of David together—one being the guy though not happy overly happy with his work is still a really nice guy, and the other being the guy to falls for his best friend's antics. There should have been more of a struggle for David to actually follow Efraim's lead.

Now lets talk about the plot; set in 2005 it is based on a true story of Packous teaming up with his friend Diveroli who bids on US military contracts. He needs the money as his girlfriend is pregnant and his last idea to sell high quality sheets to the elderly miserably fails. They start small then finally hit the jackpot by securing a contract to deliver 100 million AK-47 ammunition rounds to the military. What starts as a good way to earn money on contracts that everyone else was ignoring has turned into a way to earn big. Though they are only a team of two they are able to convince the US government to give them the contract by cooking the books and photoshopping together tax receipts.

This film really highlights just what was (or is..?) wrong with how the government is financing the war effort. Asking very little questions on where these small businesses are getting their stock as it is usually better to not ask the hard questions. As the term War Dogs states it is the everyday man making money off the invasion of the middle east without even stepping foot on the battlefield. It is just another example of how greed can turn any way of making money into a corrupt system that is almost impossible to break.

I really like this movie and that may have to do with the brilliant cast and glorious colours. A solid movie that I recommend and finally something out of the summer blockbuster season that I didn't immediately hate (though sadly that is a pretty low bar).