Logan (2017), Dir. James Mangold

Logan (2017), Dir. James Mangold
Logan, you still have time.
— Charles Xavier, Logan (2017)

Stars: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, Stephen Merchant, Boyd Holbrook, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Richard E. Grant, Eriq La Salle.
Director: James Mangold
Screenplay: James Mangold, Michael Green, & Scott Frank.

There are two type of R-rated superhero films, this is the serious type and boy does it deliver on that. Logan (Hugh Jackman) is older, he is weaker, he is dying. The world is a different place in the future with the mutant race all but died out with only a few remaining trying to get by and live some semblance of life. Logan is now a Limo driver on the border of Mexico where he is looking after a senile Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) with help from Mutant tracker Caliban (Stephen Merchant). He is trying to save up for a boat when a woman, Gabriela (Elizabeth Rodriguez) pleas with Logan for help; the help needed for him to take this Mutant girl Laura (Dafne Keen) to a safe place in North Dakota.

This film rightly so is much darker than any X-Men film before, with the adding of a million "fucks" and "shits" it also brings the sense of roundedness and fragility. This is a world where your powers are not necessarily going to save you but are more of a survival tool than a free ticket to living. The world is also smaller, taking place in quiet spaces with no crowds or care from the rest of the world. Mutants are no longer the heroes that are displayed in the comic books, they are old souls that hope the world simply forgets them.

The film is well paced, it takes its time to let us connect with our protagonists; however there are segments that could have been sped up. It feels as though the actors got to really sink their teeth into the roles that they have been playing for over 15 years. They tick differently now, they are at the edge of their lives holding on for dear life. Their fragility against Laura's youth is special, she has the strength of what they once had but they still have the knowledge in order to survive. Laura is the rage that Logan still holds, but she can be the turning point, she could find a away to live beyond the rage, with a sense of purpose.

This is a mighty send off to Jackman and Stewart; they are such impressive actors it is nice to see them in roles that push them outside of their comfortable X-Men roots. The film is very attractive and the action feels grounded and real with just the nod to a feeling of the supernatural. This is the second successful new R-rated superhero film and they have justified the use of the rating because it has allowed them to tell a real grit of a story that the spandex version is not quite allowed to tell.

★ ★ ★ ★