Get Out (2017), Dir. Jordan Peele

Get Out (2017), Dir. Jordan Peele
If I could, I would have voted for Obama for a third term.
— Dean Armitage, Get Out (2017)

Stars: Daniel Kaluuya, Alison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Catherine Keener, LilRel Howery, Caleb Landry Jones, Stephen Root, Keith Stanfield, Betty Gabriel, Marcus Henderson.
Director: Jordan Peele
Screenplay: Jordan Peele

What can I add to the already glowing reviews for Get Out? Just the reaffirmation I guess.

Jordan Peele has crafted a really special film here, the hyperreal reality of what black people face from white people who will go to their grave believing that they do not have a racist bone in their bodies. It is the slight over enthusiasm to not mention skin colour until they must prove that they are hip and would vote Obama, and preach #Oscarsowhite, then have an offhand reference to stereotypes that seep into the minds of the privileged whites.

Peele has successfully created a world that is grounded for the black people in the film and hyperflate the white people to a grounded insanity. There is a literal "What the fuck" at the beginning of every act because these white people are indeed insane. It starts slow with a cop asking Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) for his ID even though he was not the driver to crazy with a blind man (Stephen Root) winning him at auction so that he could see through Chris' photographer eye. 

The reason this film works so well is that every actor plays their roles straight. There is no air of over performing to create the hyperreal, they just act within the reality of this world. At first I could not understand why Alison Williams was cast other than to be the typical white girlfriend but by the midway point it all becomes clear. 

This movie deserves more that the reviews it is getting, it deserves to be at the top of everyone's favourite films of 2017 and maybe of all time.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★