Meat (2017), Dir. David White

Meat (2017), Dir. David White
We are predators; we have two eyes in our head that face forward. We are designed to harvest meat.
— Meat (2017)

Director: David White
Writer: David White

An interesting documentary that somehow forgets to have a point. It doesn't show any intense version of farming to allow the contrast of the hunter to really emulate the perspective that we have removed ourselves too far away from remembering just what is on our plate. However watching the daily lives of these would be small farmers is an interesting one.

And I feel bad for the farmers, this film is actually about a meat eater revealing the reality and respect that the farmer has for their animals and what we see are these farmers on the defensive. This day and age everything is black or white, the grey area is forgotten or not allowed in general discourse and that is where farming actually lies. People eat meat and we should not be ashamed about that (even though I personally don't). It is part of every culture and is a enriching source of nutrients but our society now understands meat only in cuts in the supermarket.

So while this film does not endeavour to show the negative effects of intense farming (not only horrendous for the animals but also for our environment) it does show how we can keep respect for these animals while still using eating them for dinner. So maybe in the end this doco does have a point, and it's a good one.

★ ★ ★ ★