That's Not Me (2017), Dir. Gregory Erdstein

That's Not Me (2017), Dir. Gregory Erdstein
I’m an actor, obviously...
— Polly, That's Not Me (2017)

Stars: Alice Foulcher, Isabel Lucas, Richard Davies, Belinda Misevski, Rowan Davie, Andrew S. Gilbert, Catherine Hill, Lloyd Allison-Young.
Director: Gregory Erdstein
Screenplay: Gregory Erdstein & Alice Foulcher.

Can you somehow capture the now with the feeling of old. We have been working with nostalgia this entire decade but I think That's Not Me finds the perfect balance where we are watching the modern while somehow being in the early 90s and 80s effortlessly. This film captures that while also telling a very real, modern story of what it means to be successful while not living to your personal potential.

Polly Cuthbert (Alice Foulcher) is a struggling actress, while that reality is not at all unique, neither is she personally. Polly is an identical twin and her identical twin is also an actress who has somehow made it and leaving Polly behind in her shadow. And there is no one to blame but herself as she said no to the role that got her sister noticed.

But while it is about a sister relationship, it never treads into that bitter waters of envy and destruction. This is Polly's journey with her sister literally off side on of the screen. Amy is mentioned, her presence is felt but rarely ever seen. This is about Polly realising her inability to become who she always thought she'd be. The crumbling dream that can't live up to your expectations and finding a way to be okay with that.

A fantastic debut for Erdstein and Foulcher, they have told a real story here that is never one note. I am excited to see what else this married duet with produce next.

★ ★ ★ 1/2