Her (2013), Dir. Spike Jonze

Her (2013), Dir. Spike Jonze
We are only here briefly, and in this moment I want to allow myself joy.
— Amy, Her (2013)

Stars: Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams, Rooney Mara, Chris Pratt, Olivia Wilde, Matt Letscher, Portia Doubleday.
Director: Spike Jonze
Screenplay: Spike Jonze

Love is insanity. It makes no sense to anyone outside of it. It is selfish, addictive, silly, intoxicating, and heartbreaking. Yet it is what makes life worth it even if it hurts. There is no other high or low that compares, we have been wired to desire it even if it will ultimately destroy us. Spike Jonze has told a tale of just that and saying that it is okay to throw yourself into it even if it ends, even if all you come out of it is a different sense of self and clarity. And sadly even if the one you love through your love leaves to become the person they need to become.

The world of Her (2013) is utopic, but in a sense that removes us from one another. That can be from the distance that Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) and Catherine (Rooney Mara) share at the end of their marriage, or from a hand written letter to a loved one that was written by someone else. There is love here but the love is detached in our fragmented modern world. Yet we still need love and we are getting it through the convenience of our environment. We are finding connection through mediums rather than face to face—it's easier to express emotions when we have something to mediate it. It is not that we are incapable of real feelings, it is the fear that we may somehow present them incorrectly.

But the sentiment is real and can sometimes be more vulnerable. There is truth in the disconnect, it holds the feeling of comfort, of our own private spaces. Theodore's relationship with Samantha (Scarlett Johansson) has the intimacy of ultimate acceptance and comfort. Walls fall away as you are forced to bare everything in these private times and spaces. You don't have the luxury of touch to show intimacy so you must become vulnerable to let someone in. The amount of growth you have within a relationship is so big yet it fits within such a small amount of time with only that other that it is difficult to express that growth outside of it. It may even feel redundant after the fact. 

Her is about truth and the realities of it. No one relationship means everything even if it feels like that at the time. It is a beautiful thing to have but ultimately you have more to give externally when your internal life sadly disappears. 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★