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A Star Is Born (2018), Dir. Bradley Cooper

Jess V. KComment
A Star Is Born (2018), Dir. Bradley Cooper
Can I tell you a secret...I think you might be a songwriter. And don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody. But I’m not very good at keeping secrets.
— Jackson Maine, A Star is Born (2018)

Stars: Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliott, Andrew Dice Clay, Anthony Ramos, Rafi Gavron, Dave Chappelle, Alec Baldwin.
Director: Bradley Cooper
Screenplay: Bradley Cooper, Will Fetters, & Eric Roth.

Chemistry. Musical chemistry. Physical chemistry. Acting chemistry. Romantic chemistry. Chemistry.

Gaga & Cooper (playing Ally & Jackson Maine respectively) have chemistry—if I didn’t already make that clear—and this chemistry is what makes this film work. You can feel this positive energy force that is propelling these two incredible stars through this film. Their bond seeps through the celluloid and holds you close to their central, almost melancholy passage through their lives.

This film shows the greatness but mainly the cost of success in the music entertainment industry. We use talent for our own personal satisfaction, we take talent from the people who have it and mould that talent into something that is easy to swallow. We don’t like to see the real person behind their talent, we don’t want to see the sadness.

However much sadness there is here, there is also intense joy for their craft. Ally is a natural songwriter with Gaga pipes. Maine is a tried & true country rocker who can express his soul through his music. They both have their demons and use their own defences—drugs & alcohol, make up—to hide their insecurities. But they are alive and so truthful when they sing their own words.

Gaga is so fantastic here, obviously her singing & stage performance is extraordinary but she really is quite stunning as an actor. Cooper is also a great surprise, I simply adore his performance and his singing ability is quite honestly beautiful. These two are at the top of their game and they bring the best out of each other. This is Cooper’s directional debut and he certainly has the chops to continue.

★ ★ ★ ★