Lost in Paris (2016), Dir. Fiona Gordon & Dominique Abel

Lost in Paris (2016), Dir. Fiona Gordon & Dominique Abel
I’m looking for my Aunt Martha
— Fiona, Lost in Paris (2017)

Stars: Fiona Gordon, Dominique Abel, Emmanuelle Riva, Pierre Richard, Emmy Boissard Paumelle, Frédéric Meert, Philippe Martz.
Director: Fiona Gordon & Dominique Abel.
Screenplay: Fiona Gordon & Dominique Abel.

A true situational comedy that leads pure circumstance and coincidence into an almost rat race affair through Paris. Fiona (Fiona Gordon) is sent a letter from her Aunt Martha (Emmanuelle Riva) to help her from being moved into a rest home. Canadian Fiona jumps on a plane and immediately loses her luggage in the Seine river. A homeless man, Dom (Dominique Abel) happens upon her luggage, and miraculously cross paths in a restaurant. While this is happening, Martha has gone missing and Fiona has no way to track her down.

The film is indeed silly with a plot that could never happen in real life but that is exactly where this film rests and thrives in. It makes no sense but the journey that we are on with our characters is sure an entertaining one. With each new problem and solution comes a whole new set of obstacles as Fiona and Dom track down Martha, while Martha becomes ever more allusive without being the wiser of the situation. And the cast/creators are indeed having a great time which makes this film a fun little thing to see. 

★ ★ ★