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A Simple Favor (2018), Dir. Paul Feig

ReviewJess V. K2018Comment
A Simple Favor (2018), Dir. Paul Feig
Oh, you don’t want to be friends with me, trust me.
— Emily, A Simple Favor (2018)

Stars: Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, Henry Golding, Andrew Rannells, Linda Cardellini, Eric Johnson, Joshua Satine, Ian Ho, Rupert Friend, Glenda Braganza, Jean Smart, Roger Dunn.
Director: Paul Feig
Screenplay: Jessica Sharzer & Paul Feig.

Blake Lively on the screen in a suit. Anna Kendrick being wonderful. Henry Golding is a perfect human being. Lively and her scrumptious muffled voice, her intoxicating allure, her on point aesthetic, her piercing, judging, entrancing blue eyes, and did I mention the suits! This is balanced off Kendrick’s incredible comedic timing and once again star power talent. They balance each other perfectly and it is a shame that the film is not a classy as these three gorgeous human beings.

The first act really reels you in by the mystery that is Emily Nelson (Lively) and her power over everyone who she strides by. Her character is so intriguing the bigger mystery surrounding her is not really needed. She draws her prey slowly but fiercely, she is not afraid to speak her mind, be crude, crash through people’s personal walls and space. She becomes everything that person desires and needs from life. This Enigma, this ghost that trails a longing.

This first act is all you really need, the last two really do bring the mystic down. However the Acting chops of Kendrick and Golding keep you interested. They have such great timing and chemistry that lets you forget the crumbling plot that is in their wake.

This film needs to be remembered to the character that they have painted. Some would call her a poor mans Amy Dunne, but she still deserve her place in the modern Femme Fatale hall of fame.

★ ★ ★ 1/2